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Marriage and money

Marriage and money
Marriage and money

Money can break down any marriage. But it does not have to. Couples have to exercise power over their money. Since a couple is one unit, the couple's money is one unit. It is joint. There should be no separations, and decisions about finances should be a team effort.

Jacqueline says, "Money is the most intimate thing in a relationship. It is what really bonds a couple."

Your financial partnership should begin with setting a monthly budget. Prioritize your needs and make compromises, where necessary, for your wants. Even more important is setting aside an emergency fund immediately, according to Dave Ramsey, author of Financial Peace. An unexpected pregnancy, the loss of a job, and tires that have run their course are examples of unexpected things that can happen. A couple's finances should not completely be dented because of these events.

Since marriage is a partnership, plan to partner in planning for financial peace in your marriage. Dave Ramsey has established seven steps to a couple's financial freedom, which lists starting an emergency fund as the first step. For the remaining steps, visit

Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes are offered across the nation. A host of churches in the Metro Jackson area are offering these classes. For upcoming classes offered near the Metro Jackson area, visit

Money is not the tie that binds a marriage, but it can definitely be the weakest link on an otherwise strong marriage chain.