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Marriage and Meditation

A Praying Wife
A Praying Wife

Marriage and meditation should be inseparable. In the morning, you should arise, take a deep breath, and pray. This is the way every married woman should begin the day everyday. Have children? That's fine. The advice is still the same. Arise. Take a deep breath. Pray. This is thing, ladies, if you fail to self-connect in the morning after a long night’s slumber, you will not be the fully charged woman you should be for the spouse or children for whom you've charged yourself for care.

Women, have you ever walked into the kitchen where your spouse's eyes were glued to ESPN and maybe he didn't register your existence, even after ten minutes after you had arrived? How did you respond? Did you respond by making an extra effort to return the coffee pot to its place with a little more effort than you should have? Were you a bit more forceful when you served the kiddies their morning cereal? Why was that? Was it simply because your spouse seemed more interested in what Kobe did during the game your husband spent all night watching? (Why did he need to see those highlights anyway?) Would your husband’s engrossment in Kobe’s skills have really bothered you had you taken steps in the early morning to preclude a negative response to this behavior on your part?

When you arise, take a deep breath, and pray in the early morning, ladies, you allow yourself time to settle into yourself—your inner being—in the morning, and you also allow yourself the opportunity to connect with the source of your power, your God. To her female readers, Stormy Omartian, the bestselling author of The Power of a Praying Wife, said, " You have a means to establish a hedge of protection around your marriage..." For tips on creating a more effective prayer life, see

A calm, controlled woman is a sweet, engaging force in a marriage. Spouses and children sense the tension that women oftentimes do not realize they are emitting in their homes. Start conditioning yourself to be the compelling force from which peace radiates in your home. Arise tomorrow morning. Take a deep breath. Pray.