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Marriage and counseling

Marriage Woes
Marriage Woes

When couples begin experiencing problems, marriage counseling is usually at the top of the list of resolutions. But does marriage counseling really work? Recent research has shown that marriage counseling does not have a lasting effect on most couples' marriages.

Couples who are at risk of divorcing early fall into several categories:

  • couples that married at an early age
  • couples in a low-income bracket
  • couples who are products of divorced marriages
  • couples in inter-faith marriages

Receiving marriage counseling before problems reach critical stages is strongly suggested.

Couples who receive the least from marriage counseling include those couples that wait too long to receive professional help, couples with one spouse set on getting a divorce, and couples that are closed to suggestions from credible sources.

To mature and solidify the bond with your mate, look to happy couples surrounding you. They have the skills for dealing with disagreements because they have built a grounding for respect and friendship. Seek out those couples in your church who would be valuable models in advising you and your spouse on ways to strengthen and maintain a loving marriage.


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