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Marriage 101: The importance of communication

Communication is one of the biggest struggles that married couples have. Many times it is really a need to learn how to communicate, even though we tend to think we have mastered it.

Communication is really a skill, not something we are naturally born with. So that would mean we might need to learn a few things and then practice them.

One of the most important things couples need to remember is that communication is not meant to be one-sided. Communication is like a give and take. You are either the listener or the talker but you are not meant to dominate either way.

If all you do is listening and never respond, you aren’t interacting effectively. If all you do is talk and never listen, then you are shutting down any possibility of effective communication.

Interrupting, talking over one another or speaking before thinking is also ways that we demonstrate poor communication. Remember that communication is meant to be two-way.

Communication is also about being respectful. Even when you disagree with your spouse, you can still be respectful. Criticism, put-downs, ridicule and accusations are just some of the ways we demonstrate disrespect in our communication. Think of how you would like to be spoken to and then speak to your spouse in that manner.

Finally, communication is honest. You should be able to express the way you feel when talking to your spouse. However, remember to keep in mind what your tone is and your choice of words. Being truthful doesn’t mean you have a pass to speak however you wish.


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