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Marquez Bangs Alvarado; Scared To Do Pacquiao Next

Juan Manuel Marquez displayed sharp firepower against Mike Alvarado.
Juan Manuel Marquez displayed sharp firepower against Mike Alvarado.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

If you live in fear of the future because of what happened in your past, you'll end up losing what you have in the present. If its right - its not money, jewelry, places or things that I'm talking about as far as loss.

It's peace.

As I reflect back on the events of last Saturday and the exploits of Juan Manuel Marquez, I can't help but think about the kind of bliss he must have felt in the aftermath of his concussive victory over arch rival Manny Pacquiao.

I say this because, immediately after his brilliant dispatching of a game Mike Alvarado, the victory was subdued by his tepid response to questions about a 5th altercation [of the most violent variety] with Pacquiao.

Juan Manuel Marquez is a smart man and knows it would be foolish to engage the Filipino icon again. Which is all the more reason why I respect him more than ever - because engage Pacquiao once more he will.

The fact that Floyd Mayweather, so called "TBE" and fresh off a pitched battle with Argentinean hammer and former WBA 147lb champ Marcos Maidana, won't even attempt to face Pacquiao, speaks to how much valor that doesn't exist within him and how much honor he doesn't have for the sport.

The fact is, Pacquiao vs. Marquez V is currently the best thing that can happen for the sport of Boxing, given the clear shift in public sentiment revolving around its biggest events. Poor showings by both Pacquiao and Mayweather's recent fights are very revealing.

The public finally has had enough, and they are unwilling to pay for fights they don't really want to see.

Floyd and his nefarious team could not reach typical PPV heights, this, after shamelessly promoting his latest fight on the platform of Pacquiao vs. Bradley II, who happen to be two "A" grade fighters Mayweather wants to avoid.

In Pacquiao and Marquez, we the public have two battle tested combatants willing to face anyone [at anytime] for the love of the game. The same is true with the incredible anomaly that is Bernard Hopkins, a man who has never been about PPV numbers in as much as he's been about historical numbers of victories at an unprecedented age.

Marquez displayed all of his trademark weaponry: uncanny counter-punching ability, extreme intelligence, precise combination punching with volume and tremendous ring generalship. He put a big welterweight in Alavarado together quickly, just like a hooker would a lonely guy on the wrong side of the Bronx.

Alavarado's team prepared him well. He was physically imposing in the way he decided to fight Marquez tall and force him to use energy he shouldn't have at 40. To be clear, I don't believe Marquez isn't on PED's. He'll never admit this, but you don't go hiring a government rat and expert on how to conceal them in athletes if you aren't.

But it has nothing to do with his heart, his skill-set, or his willingness to bust his ass for results.

In this era, I'm almost inclined to believe that every athlete at the elite or world-class level will do anything within reason to gain a competitive edge, but it still comes down to skills. Because Marquez was infinitely more skilled and refined than the very limited - but brave - Alavarado, he has able to chip him with frequency.

But after dropping Alvarado with a classic right hand in round 8, he could not finish him. Then, he found himself rocked and on the canvas courtesy of turned up aggression from the Denver native.

What do you think Pacquiao would do to him? Manny all but destroyed a fresher Marquez prior to his 6th round detonation.

Mike Alvarado is a warrior to be sure, but one who had been greatly diminished in wars with Brandon Rios and savagely knocked out at the hands of Ruslan Provodnikov. He is at best (and this to me was a few years ago) a B- fighter, with limited upper body and head movement, who would have been turned into mincemeat by "Pacman" and dismissed prior to the 10th round.

Based on what I saw from Juan Manuel last week, he knows Pacquiao would do the same thing to him in spectacular fashion, in an incredible action fight. He knows he will lose bliss, and I have to salute him for that.

But because they fight for the glory of the business - more than the business of glory, means a 5th fight is really for us.

And that - is good business.

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