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Marquez and Rios pay per view not worthy of boxing fans' money

Marquez (left) and Rios (right) fight on a sub-par Pay Per View Saturday night.
Marquez (left) and Rios (right) fight on a sub-par Pay Per View Saturday night.

Back in the day, and I am not too old at 37 years of age, pay per view boxing events were meant to broadcast the very best bouts the sport could provide.

Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, and other luminaries of the time fought the best of the very best for a premium price.

Over time, the dynamic of pay per view boxing broadcasts has shifted, and the vast majority feature bouts American broadcasters do not want to present on their networks due to lack of interest or competition.

This Saturday night Top Rank Boxing promotions and HBO will present a sub-par pay per view card, while expecting fans to shell out approximately four dollars to witness two gross mismatches.

In one of the featured bouts future Hall of Fame member Juan Manuel Marquez will battle Serhiy Fedchenko. Marquez, looking to win after suffering a highly controversial decision defeat against Manny Pacquiao this past November, enters the fight as a 20 to 1 betting favorite.

The exciting and polarizing Brandon Rios will be featured in the other feature bout, taking on Richard Abril as a 8 to 1 favorite.

Marquez and Rios are worthy of appearing on pay per view boxing events, but only in highly competitive bouts where the outcome are not seemingly foregone conclusions and simply serve as stepping stones to bigger fights.


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