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Marquette to break ground on another academic building

If you were to walk through Marquette's campus ten years ago, and then do that again today, the downtown Milwaukee campus would be almost unrecognizable, well except for maybe the "giant beer can" that is McCormick Hall.  The campus is set to look even more different with the groundbreaking of a new engineering facility this week.

Called the Discovery Learning Complex, the new Engineering facility will usher Marquette into the 21st century  with a state-of-the-art Learning Laboratory and classrooms.  The building itself will span the block on Wisconsin Avenue between 16th and 17th streets.  Formerly a building for student apartments, Marquette recently demolished the buildings to make room for the new development.

Groundbreaking will take place on Friday, March 5th at 11 A.M. in the parking lot on the 500 block of 16th Street.  The facility is set to be completed in 2011 and is being built by the Opus North Corporation.

Among the other buildings popping up on campus is Zilber Hall, a new student services building that recently opened.  Additionally, Marquette Law will have a new home in Eckstein Hall, set to open in July 2010.  If you have used the Marquette Interchange in the past year or so, you simply could not have missed it.

Keep yourself updated with construction progress here.


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