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Marquette Professor provides flashlights for Haiti

St. Joan of Arc Chapel
St. Joan of Arc Chapel
Allison Rivers

When a tragedy like the Haiti Earthquake strikes, there are always connections on a local level.  Marquette is of course, is no exception.  There have been several efforts by the Marquette community to reach out and provide assistance to the people of Haiti.

Dr. Sameena Mulla, an assistant professor in the social and cultural sciences department at Marquette and a native of Haiti, was staying in a suburb of Port-au-Prince when the earthquake hit the island. According to Marquette's daily news briefs, She has been requesting donations of flashlights and batteries for Haitian citizens.

Donations before February 12 will be provided to Youthaiti, which is located here in Milwaukee and was formed as a non-profit organization providing sanitation services to Haiti.  Any donations after February 12 will be provided to Hope For Haiti in Washington, D.C.

Contact Dr. Mulla here to coordinate a donation!

Additionally, there are other Marquette organizations providing relief, such as Catholic Relief Services and the Jesuit Refugee Service.


  • Sameena Mulla 5 years ago

    Thanks for posting this item. We collected about 3 dozen flashlights. Half of them have already been distributed in Haiti and the other half will be shipped down in the next few weeks.

    I want to clarify that I am not a native Haitian-- I am married to one! We've been going to Haiti every winter for the past ten years, so it does feel like home, but as a matter of course, my parents are from India.

    Thanks again!

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