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Marquette gets Girl Talk for Spring concert

Marquette Student Government landed Girl Talk, a popular mash-up DJ from Pittsburgh, PA, for Marquette's Spring Concert.  Girl Talk, aka Greg Gillis, takes beats and hooks from hundreds of selections from popular music and mixes and mashes the sounds until they reach a powerful, yet midly off-kilter, blend.

Girl Talk is a product of a new music generation where beats and mash-ups, not originally written lyrics and music, are the new norm.  However, when hearing Girl Talk's unusual mash-ups, one can't help but applaud the originality.

The concert, occurring in April, is the latest in a string of popular musicians bringing their sound to the downtown campus.  Other acts such as Gavin DeGraw and Talib Kweli have graced Marquette's stage - to thunderous results.

Check out a sample of Girl Talk or watch the fan-made video below:


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