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Marquel Martin: 'race played a large factor' in Chris Soules 'Bachelor' decision

Marquel Martin
ABC / The Bachelor

Marquel Martin certainly isn't afraid of some controversy. On Wednesday, August 27, after it was announced on "Good Morning America" that Chris Soules is the new star of "The Bachelor," Marquel put up a blog post that addressed why he believes he was passed over for the role. He makes clear that he believes that the network and the show's producers declined to give him the opportunity largely because he is African-American.

Marquel starts off his blog post, titled "Dear World: Why I'm Not The Next 'Bachelor'," by first congratulating Chris, with whom he competed on "The Bachelorette" with for Andi Dorfman. He says that he supports Chris and hopes that he doesn't take offense to the letter. He also adds that he doesn't think that one person is any more deserving of another of finding love.

With that out of the way, Marquel says that he feels as if he needs to let people know why he wasn't chosen and possibly not even seriously considered as the next Bachelor, instead of just letting things get swept under the rug. He then outright states that he feels that his race, "the obvious elephant in the room," determined his fate. "I’d be lying to myself and the world if I didn’t say that I feel like race played a large factor in this decision," he says.

Marquel doesn't believe that there were any other reasons why he wouldn't have been chosen. He doesn't think that his appearance on "Bachelor in Paradise" hurt his chances, believes that he had enough fan support to take the starring role and definitely knows that he was ready to find love.

He ends his letter by assuring everyone that he's not bitter or desperate. He also says that he's not playing a "race card" or biting the hand that fed him. He says that he's grateful for everything that being on "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" gave him and continues to give him. He maintains that his motive for the letter is "a call for change" so that people will think and question why. He hopes that he will one day see an African-American Bachelor.

So far, Marquel's letter has received messages of support from his Twitter followers. Several did write that ultimately, the decision comes down to ratings, an implication that ratings would fall if there was an African-American person handing out the roses instead of someone like Chris Soules.

This isn't the first time that Marquel Martin dared to tackle racism and prejudice publicly. During his "Bachelorette" interview after he was informed that another contestant allegedly referred to him as a "blackie," he spoke about how difficult it was that the first thing people thought of when they saw and met him was his race, rather than his personality and character.

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