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Marquel Martin joins 'Bachelor in Paradise' after Andi kicks him to curb

Marquel Martin joins cast of "Bachelor in Paradise"

Fans who are upset that "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman kicked hunky Marquel Martin to the curb on Monday night's episode will be delighted to find out that he will appear on ABC's new reality show, "Bachelor in Paradise." It's not certain if Marquel will find love among the other franchise castoffs, but he is sure to impress someone with his charm, wit, confidence and, of course, a plate of cookies.

People confirmed on June 18 that Martin, 27, is one of the growing number of cast members on the show that premieres August 4. There is no word if Andrew Poole, the rather abrasive guy who supposedly called Martin "Blackie," will appear on the show. For the sake of Martin and his fans, let's hope not.

There is no question that Martin is better off without Andi Dorfman. Although he charmed her on night one with a plate of cookies, it was obvious there was no chemistry between the two. Their relationship belonged in the friend zone, not the fantasy suite.

Of course, Martin seemed to be upset after being ousted on episode 5, but he seems open to finding the love of his life, whether it be on camera or off, stating that he is looking for a woman who "wants to be pursued without coming off as stuck up." After watching him for five episodes on "The Bachelorette"this season, it's obvious that he will have no problem finding that woman, but will it be one of the ladies chosen to star on "Bachelor in Paradise"?

Taking a look at the cast list that has been released by ABC, it's hard to see a good match for the smart and oh-so-congenial Marquel Martin. He appears to be a confident man who doesn't thrive on drama, so hopefully he steers clear of cast members Clare Crawley, Michelle Money and AshLee Frazier.

Check out the most recent "Bachelor in Paradise" cast list here. Who do you think is the best match for Marquel on the list or do you think he should be the next "Bachelor"?

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