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Maroon flowers University of Texas prank being investigated by school officials

Bluebonnets by Ironmountain01

The recent maroon flowers University of Texas prank is now being investigated by school officials and many upset Texas students don't consider the incident to be a laughing matter. As reported by The Houston Chronicle yesterday, the unexpected emergence of the maroon flowers is a scandal of potentially epic proportions.

Maroon bluebonnets have made an unwanted appearance in flower beds outside the University of Texas Tower. Obviously, bluebonnets are not naturally blue and many students and school officials feel that a Texas A&M fan is responsible for the prank.

The maroon flowers University of Texas prank has garnered enough student reaction to prompt groundskeepers to remove the seeds. Markus Hogue, a program coordinator of irrigation and water conservation at University of Texas, spoke on the issue and he issued the following statement.

“Recently, the department installed a new landscape and planted a lot of new bluebonnets across the campus, but the UT Tower bed is the only one that the maroon ones showed up,” Hogue stated. “Which leads us to believe someone purposefully placed them there,” he added.

KXAN reports that no one has yet stepped forward to take responsibility for the maroon flowers University of Texas prank, but many suspect that someone at Texas A&M knows something. Texas A&M researchers were able to develop a maroon bluebonnet a few years ago, which further adds to the suspicion that someone from A&M was involved.

Despite the uniqueness and beauty of the flowers, Hogue says they will start collecting the seeds from the maroon bluebonnets to prevent them from spreading. Hogue also stated that an investigaton into the matter has been launched but he says that it is not as serious as other pranks in the past, such as burning the A&M logo onto UT turf with weed and grass killer.

"This time it's a drought-tolerant plant that adds color," Hogue said. "I kind of like that. I'm a water conservationist. This is not too detrimental to the campus."

The Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and with a look, you'll see why. It is a great addition to a beautiful state landscape and it enhances the view of much of the land. Since it is a genuine wild flower, the bluebonnet has not been regularly cultivated on a massive scale. You may recognize the bluebonnet by their blue color, obviously, but the leaves of this flower are in the shape of a star which is appropriate considering that this is The Lone Star State itself.

During the spring, you can drive through certain areas of Texas and see whole hillsides covered with these intense blue flower fields. It is a show that is sure to make you catch your breath. Unfortunately, the beautiful bluebonnet flowers will not last long. Its flowering season lasts only from spring to summer.

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