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Marmalade Boy: recommendation and review

volume 1
volume 1

This recommendation and review is on Marmalade Boy. It is release by TokyoPop and has eight volumes. It is written by Wataru Yoshizumi. There is even an anime to go along with it.

This manga is about a girl named Miki and a boy named Yuu. More so about how their lives (in their perspective) turn upside down. There parent went on vacation to Hawaii and met each. They decided to divorce and switch partners. Miki makes it known that doesn’t like. Yuu seems to not care. They all six live in the same house. Eventually set up Miki by pretending that they have broken up to see what her true feelings are. But they just make the situation worse.

After awhile Miki and Yuu start have feeling for each and down the road even date. But Yuu breaks it off. Why does he break it off? Do they get back together? You’ll have to read it to find out!

This is a great series. It definitely shoujo with all the drama and humor. And truse me, this series is as dramatic as they come, but that’s its appeal. Recommended for everyone. Rated T and up.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this title at you local PPLD branch. Happy reading!