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Marlon Wayans' new comedy competition

Marlon Wayans
photo by Flickr

The Wayans name is synonymous with the term funny, the first generation spawned a ten-pack of talent from comedians to screenwriters. The youngest of the Wayans clan, Marlon, whose most notable successes include the "Scary Movie" parody films and more recently comedy spoof films "A Haunted House," will have a new comedy competition series which will air on TBS titled, "Funniest Wars."

We were first introduced to the Wayans family through the second eldest sibling, Keenen Ivory Wayans, who began acting in comedy films in the 1980s before teaming with his younger brother, Damon, on the comedy sketch television series, "In Living Color." The show ran from 1990 to 1994 and starred members of the Wayans family with an additional cast of which some included Jim Carey, Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson.

The series was a breakthrough in comedy reflecting modern black culture and featured popular skits like ex-con and disgruntled clown,"Homie D. Clown," and his motto "I don't think so…Homey don't play dat!" "Men on," a pair of effeminate gay men reviewing films, etc., based purely on its homoerotic content, singing a bad review as "Hated it!" And Jim Carey's insane character that never seemed to die despite constant disasters and losing limbs, "Fire Marshall Bill," and one of his catchphrases "Lemme show ya something!!"

After "In Living Color" went off the air, brothers Shawn and Marlon starred in the situation comedy, "The Wayans Bros." from 1995 to 1999. The show depicted two brothers living in Harlem where Shawn owned a newsstand and their father, "Pops" (John Witherspoon) ran a diner. The show's opening theme was a satire on a 1970s wholesome family sitcom with the brothers in preppy attire and clean-cut song lyrics "We're brothers! We're happy and we're singin' and we're colored. Give me a high five!" The opening then segued into the brothers in their present day, normal street wear accompanied by a modern beat.

If you can believe it, the second generation of Wayans is rising with Damon Wayans' son, Damon Wayans Jr. starring in the TV sitcom, "Happy Endings” and his cousin actor and director Damien Dante Wayans, who directed several of his Uncle Damon’s sitcom, “My Wife And Kids.” Uncle Marlon returns to TV in search of the funniest comedian pitting them against seasoned comics. Hopefully the series will embody the Wayans magical charm along with cameos by some of the siblings. With so many Wayans and so little time let's imagine the day when you'll be able to turn on your TV set to any channel and a Wayans will be there.

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