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Marlise Munoz removed from ventilator: Hospital moves forward per judge's order

Marlise Munoz, the pregnant woman in Texas caught in a complicated web of laws, has now been taken off her ventilator. CNN shared the details on Jan. 26.

Erick Munoz had to go to court to fight to have Marlise Munoz's wishes honored
Screencap via video

Munoz has been on a ventilator since she was found unconscious in November, despite the wishes of her family. The hospital said it was following Texas law by keeping the brain-dead woman on the ventilator because she was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of her collapse.

Marlise's husband, Erick Munoz, has said that the couple had discussed issues such as life support prior to the incident and she would not have wanted to be kept on a ventilator. However, Texas has a law in place saying hospitals must keep pregnant women on life support. A state district judge ordered that the hospital move ahead with the family's wishes, and the hospital decided this weekend not to appeal the order.

The hospital now acknowledges that Marlise Munoz has been brain dead since Nov. 28, and the fetus is not viable. Erick Munoz says the situation has led to “the cruel and obscene mutiliation of a deceased body.” The case has been controversial, but at this point many online are voicing their solid support for Erick Munoz and his extended family. The hospital has said it was simply following the law in place.

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