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Marlin jumps in boat: Video captures marlin's jump, almost impaling fisherman

When a marlin jumps in a boat, this makes for one easy day of fishing, as no one had to break a sweat reeling it in. This marlin jumping into a boat story sounds like a whale of a tale and if it wasn't all caught on video, the story would be a hard pill to swallow. According to The Inquisitr on Aug. 26, this is exactly what happened to a group of fishermen out for a day of blue marlin fishing, the fish actually jumped into the boat without so much as an invitation.

Marlin jumps into boat and it's caught on video.

The 350-pound blue marlin jumped out of the water and aimed right for a boat carrying a group of fishermen, who were off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Catching a marlin can take hours once the fish is hooked, it is a sport of endurance. The give and take of the fishing line can tire you out fairly quickly, so you can imagine how surprised this group was to see the fish come and get them!

Catching the marlin in this fashion didn't come without problems, as the creature of the sea almost impaled one of the men on the boat, sending the other men scrambling to gain control of their visitor from the deep. The men actually tried to get the marlin back into the water because of the dangerous thrashing, but the fish died from self-sustained injuries before they could get it back in the water.

The marlin was donated to another group of local fisherman who make their living off of marlin fishing, so the fish didn't die in vain. The marlin weighing in at 350-pounds, was a good size fish, but as far as marlins go, they can get much bigger than that. In 1970 Captain Cornelius Choy caught a blue marlin tipping the scales at 1800-pounds. Now that's not a fish you'd want to see jump into your fishing boat for sure!

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