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Marketing yourself effectively through social media

Phoenicians who are embarking on job search or plan to move into a new department or role internally sometime in the first half of 2014 should take time to reevaluate what signals may be sent by their social media. You may think that your Facebook®, LinkedIn®, and Twitter® accounts are ready for your next manager to view, but before you start posting for internal or external positions, go through this list to make sure.

  • Best face forward… Any pictures on social media need to be appropriate for professional development. You don’t need to have a suit on, but the visual should show you have good judgment in representing yourself to the public.
  • Old information should be removed Maximize the ability on LinkedIn® to have your current resume items be reflected. Get rid of anything that you aren’t actively involved in or information that would not be relevant to your current network and future employer.
  • Update your Groups, Follow, etc. This is really important if you are going to transition to a new industry. Join Groups and Follow people and organizations that are involved in that industry. Employers will look on your social media to see if you are researching not only their company, but also industry affiliations and publications.

Before you head to this career fair tomorrow, consider updating your social media so when the hiring managers search for you, they will find the most current and professional information about you.

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