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Marketing to an ADD world - and the dead tree media

Attention spans are getting shorter, advertisers must get to the point!
Attention spans are getting shorter, advertisers must get to the point!
Turn-Key Properties LLC

Attention Spans are growing shorter and shorter, so say's Maggie Jackson, author of Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age.... So our marketing efforts need to reflect this societal change also.

I received an email from the marketing representative of an equine publication who responded to one of my articles about marketing real estate. He asked me if I could give him some insight into why they were having such a difficult time attracting Equestrian Realtors® to advertise in their magazine.

Quote: "I represent a regional equine publication which has been in print for 50 years - and is now growing in the online space. We are looking to incorporate more equine properties, but I (personally) can't seem to put out the right message to attract the right clientele."

My response was; Recent studies from NAR and my own experiences have shown me that in excess of 80% of all real estate searches begin online. That said; we pour most of our time, advertising budget and effort into online marketing.

As time goes by that number has increased and will continue to increase as real estate buyers and sellers continue to be of the "information age". I receive many magazines but seldom pay any attention to ads.

Advertising in printed publications has not produced the kind of results that would justify its expense.

I have just started testing some ads in American Quarter Horse Journal, so we will see what comes of that.

Attention spans are shorter now than at any time in history, we live in an ADD society; something twinkles and there attention is lost. If they can't click on it they are not likely to act on it.

I glance at magazines like County and others to relax and get away, I'm not at all interested in the ads. If I want information or products... I Google it!

In marketing, brevity is king; but you have to really stand out to capture attention. Some time back I marketed free guns to my clients. The intent was to create a media stir and in some respects it worked. To-date that has been my most talked about and most memorable marketing attempt.

We live in the information age, we are almost on information overload, sometimes I just jump on my horse, turn off my cell phone and run for the hills to unwind from it all. Most of us get much of our news from the snippets on our Yahoo or Google front page, we have only a split second to decide if it worthy of a click or not.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid, because if you get into too much detail you are likely going to lose your audience!


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