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Marketing that tells a powerful story

BloomThat in San Francisco uses storytelling to market their brand
BloomThat in San Francisco uses storytelling to market their brand
Wikimedia Commons

People relate to stories, and marketing campaigns that capitalize on the power of the storytelling gain a following—often quickly. Don’t let the idea of using stories to inform your marketing campaign act like a wet blanket on your creativity. In fact, storytelling in marketing gives you near carte-blanche access to creatively marketing your brand.

Here’s how some big and small businesses do it:

  • Dove performed the miraculous by turning their marketing campaign 180 degrees. From a brand that was known for celebrity- and model-centric ads, Dove quickly established itself as the go-to source for the everyday woman by creating a story that appealed to the masses.
  • From a text- and word-heavy marketing campaign that described the brand’s innovations, GE adeptly optimized the power of telling a story through visuals instead of words, reaching over 2 million views with a series of videos and pictures that conveyed the same general message.
  • Nordstrom created trust by developing a collection of stories based on testimonials that showcased their great customer service. The video series not only helped create trust between consumers and the brand, but it also helped employees understand and then adopt the customer service philosophy the brand wanted to promote.
  • BloomThat of San Francisco created a niche for themselves in a crowded floral market by establishing their brand story in a quick tagline: “Ridiculously fast flower delivery in San Francisco: Handcrafted flowers. Starting at $35. Delivered in 90 minutes.” This message follows through all of the links on the company’s simple yet elegant website. In a few brief paragraphs appearing above the fold on the “About Us” page, the company conveys how the idea started, and why they’re the go-to florist for beautiful flowers delivered quickly.

Take the plunge, and put your brand’s marketing story to the test. Does it inform and persuade? Does it convey the right message about your brand? Have you thought about the possible angles from which you can build an effective marketing story?

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