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Marketing plan

Turning that customer into a loyal client
Turning that customer into a loyal client
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Your marketing plan should have three components

  1. A commitment to quality and value for your customer
  2. Goals that are written down, measurable and realistic
  3. Campaigns to push it all forward

Do not forget to ask for the order!

How do you provide value? By making your offering good for you customer, which means that it has to have value and feel like it has value. This perception of value is important as if can turn a customer into a loyal and recurring client.

Recurring is important as it can turn a transaction, which hopefully was profitable, into a relationship that can be worth a lot of money over time and can help you achieve wealth.

How do you make a customer into a recurring client?

  1. Listen to her. Learn their name and something about them so that there is a connection
  2. Provide good service. Not the minimum but what is required.
  3. Ask them if you can do anything else for them. Not only will this show that you care about the relationship, but it may get you some more business.
  4. Act on what you have heard and learned.

A client can reward with a steady source of business.

A client can help you learn what is good, bad or mediocre about your business.

A client can help you leverage your systems and make your business scalable.

A client can help your business become and stay profitable.

A client can help you learn what where you should be applying the Pareto Principle, so that 80 percent of your time and efforts are focused on the right 20 percent of your market.

So how should you build your marketing plan? You should make it client-centric.

Keep It Simple Short et Social!

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