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Marketing Partners of Phoenix, AZ calls it Authoritizing

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In business since 1976 there are few marketing experts in the Valley of the Sun like Allan Starr who have the experience and knowledge of how to leverage a business for success. In a recent blog item, Starr touts what he calls “Authoritizing” through his company, Marketing Partners (, which is basically how to leverage knowledge, experience, excellent products and services.

The first step in the process is getting attention from the media and prospects which requires a well-crafted and well executed continuous campaign. It takes time, patience and expertise to pull together the recognition that leads to business success.

Decide if you want to garner local media attention, national trade publications or leading business publications like Fortune Magazine or the Wall Street Journal. Starr notes Authoritizing can be tailored to each businesses specific needs. “You can’t always get a full-page media story, but tangential mentions can have an accrual effect and can be beneficial in keeping prospects aware of your name,” writes Starr.

Set yourself up as an expert in your field and people will call. Starr notes becoming a name quantity in your industry could push your business and professional experience to another level. The facts are more media attention and prospect awareness mean more sales, Starr states. In study after study and an examination of numerous press clippings it has been shown that gaining a share of positive media can correlate directly to sales. “The better the press, the better your chance to reach your bottom-line business goals,” Starr said.

Starr believes Authoritizing can make your company a name brand. He urges businesses to position themselves to get the attention the business deserves.



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