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Marketing Green Bay: is your business making these critical Internet marketing mistakes?

As an internet marketing expert and consultant, I have seen an alarming trend developing where the vast majority of small businesses are making several key internet marketing mistakes that are preventing them from capturing targeted search traffic to their websites. There are several fundamental principles that your local business website must incorporate to not only generate traffic to your website, but more importantly, to capture that traffic to convert these visitors into paying customers.

Local Business Internet Marketing Error #1: No or poor website optimization.

Having a website for your business should be one of the most powerful business assets you possess. A major component to being effectively ranked in the search engines and getting in front of targeted prospects looking for your business is proper keyword optimization.

The first step is to be sure your site is being properly optimized for search terms that are being actively used by people searching for your products or services within the Green Bay area. These targeted search terms should be included in the appropriate title, description and keyword meta tags for each of your web pages and that begin or end with the term "Green Bay". For example, if you are in the mortgage business, you should optimize around the keyword term "mortgage green bay" The content of each of your web pages should be centered around these targeted keyword terms. For local search optimization, such as "chiropractor green bay", be certain that the geographic location is added to your keyword term, and that the entire keyword phrase is being actively searched.  Once you have confirmed that the keyword phrase you have chosen is being actively searched, be sure to use it frequently throughout the content of your web page.

DO NOT just pick random keywords you think people are searching for and DON'T use the exact same keywords for each and every page. Optimize terms for the relevant content of each specific page of your website that focuses on local area search within the Green Bay area or nearby cities such as Appleton or Oshkosh.

Local Business Internet Marketing Error #2: Lack of a Lead Capture and Follow-Up System

Getting traffic to your website is on thing. But all the traffic in the world won't do you much good unless your site does a great job of capturing visitor information once they arrive on your site. You may only get one chance, so make the most of it!

Ask yourself, "How many times have you done business or purchased directly from a website after only 1 visit?". Smart internet marketing dictates that you do everything possible to capture at least the name and email of your visitors. By installing a simple autorepsonder system such as Aweber, and providing a valuable free bonus or newsletter, you increase the ability to continue to market to your visitors that are in The Green Bay area, getting them to visit your local place of business or contact you by phone and turn them into paying customers.

Be sure to discuss the benefits to your visitors about doing business with you - their favorite radio station is WIIFM - what's in it for me. Make sure the copy and content of your web site focuses on the benefits of your products or services your visitor receives and not on you or your business.

Local Business Internet Marketing Error #3: Stale Content and lack of back links

You need to be sure you are adding valuable content and generating backlinks to your web site on a regular basis. Search Engine criteria changes frequently, so you must continue to add relevant, solid content to your site to maintain higher search engine rankings.

Back links are simply other sites that contain your website address that point back to your site. By incorporating things such as articles and video relevant to prospects here in the Green Bay area and submitting your content to article and video directories, such as the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Green Bay business directory, you can create numerous back links to your site which will help you rise in the search engine rankings for the local search terms you are optimizing for. If at all possible, target local Green Bay .edu or .gov or other authority sites to improve the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts.

Be sure your site is employing good, basic internet marketing strategies on a continual basis and you'll soon be seeing the results of your efforts in new local customers and more profits from the internet.

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