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That is very difficult today to be not skeptical regarding our economy.
I mean, for idiots.
Several days ago they listen wonderful speeches regarding last achievements. And the Financials, Dow Jones, NASDAQ and others economic indicators like trusty office workers approved the words.
Something happened, and they jumped to follow smart money. We do not know what happened, this is not the case that easing monetary policy ended. Something more serious coming here.
Exclusive this remarkable Monday not to burst into Homeric laugh from the Financial events that day. This morning, Monday, February 3, 2014 Janet Yellen was sworn in as chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
Today, former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will be joining The Brookings Institution, focusing on fiscal and monetary policy in the newly formed Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy.
Mr. Bernanke explained: "Brookings scholars have a well established reputation for contributing innovative ideas and trenchant analysis to economic and other public policy debates. I welcome the opportunity to engage in that vibrant community through research and writing."
Dow Jones lost 326 (2.08%) points, NASDAQ 106.92 (2.61%), S&P 500 40.7 (2.28%).

Semion Feldman