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Market guru bows out citing public apathy

Market analyst Karl Denninger predicted the Lehman Brothers meltdown leading to the economic crash of 2008.
Market analyst Karl Denninger predicted the Lehman Brothers meltdown leading to the economic crash of 2008.
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In a stunning written explanation today that took readers by surprise, Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker announced that he is bowing out, hanging it up, due to a shocking degree of public apathy about the problems that face America.

While Denninger stopped short of saying he was closing The Market Ticker altogether, he made it clear that all of its accompanying operations would cease as of today. And although the Ticker would still be published, it will be greatly scaled back.

Denninger says he will write only when he feels compelled to do so, between fishing trips, jogging, and other offline social activities.

The departure of Denninger signifies a great loss to the Internet and to the country. The Market Ticker has been one of only two or three reliable sources of information about the markets, the economy, and other matters of huge political and social import.

And it was Denninger who first predicted the major economic meltdown of 2007-08.

Since that time Denninger has incessantly sounded the alarm about America's economic future, observing that the solution that was designed to fix the meltdown has actually laid the foundation for further destruction in the near future. Further, he has warned that without a significant scaleback in government spending and taxation, the nation is doomed to an economic future that could lay it all to ruin.

But few have paid attention. And those who are paying attention lack any real desire to do anything about the problem. As Denninger notes,

You see, nobody wants to do anything about the real issues facing our nation and that we have as a people -- at least not in a productive way. It's far more important and easier to take cheap shots, to play "gotcha" and to parade around bull**** than it is to face the facts about what our society has become, and when we play those games all we're doing is adding to the puerile and derelict nature of what our society has devolved into.

We're more-interested in whether Alec Baldwin said a bad thing on a NY Street than whether colleges are ripping off young adults. We're more interested in going after people predicated on half-truths and outright lies than the bald-faced rip-offs and outrages that are served upon us daily by those who claim to be acting in our "best interest" -- and our own culpability for same, in that virtually every one of these people holds office and power only because we consent with votes cast at either the polls or the store. It doesn't matter that the media intentionally placed their logo in a strategic fashion when George Zimmerman got out of a cop car to hide the back of his head so you couldn't see the gash that Trayvon Martin put there, and that was just one of the first half-truths and outright distortions presented in that case; we buy the products advertised on those "news" shows and watch those networks to this day.

The upshot of this? Some astute Americans who are paying attention do not want any of this outrageous stuff to change. And the few who do want it to change lack any political or economic clout to make a difference. Denninger continues:

Harry Reid struts around the Senate pontificating on evil Republicans even though his office and he personally knows that Medicare and Medicaid will bankrupt the country -- but he'll be dead first, so he doesn't give a damn nor will he put a stop to it. Boehner and McConnell, for their part, are happy to make all sorts of noises about deficit spending, but then when the time comes to actually stop it they fold for the same reason -- they don't give a damn either as they expect they'll leave office before it all goes to Hell and it's very profitable for them and their friends to continue the charade. Both sides of the aisle knew damn well that Obama was lying about virtually every respect of Obamacare and yet Pelosi literally said that Congress had to pass the law to know what was in it, which is a rank admission that she knew she was screwing the entire country. You don't care either because she's still in office. CEOs come on CNBC and other media channels to tout their "greatness" just as Mozillo did -- or for that matter Dick Fuld of Lehman who promised he was going to "burn the shorts." When his own pants caught on fire instead who called him on that?


But perhaps the most stinging indictment of all was reserved for those of us who make up the citizenry. These things are happening only because we have allowed them to. We are just as guilty, if not more so, than the stooges we have voted into office and the criminals we have allowed to run the nation's top financial institutions, all in tandem with the federal government. Denninger states,

What does it say about us when we're more-interested in whether Miley Cyrus is twerking with a foam finger than the rip-offs on Wall Street promulgated with HFT, blatant falsehoods spewed forth in Congressional testimony by Fed officials and outright lies by the head of the NSA? What does it say about us when a Congressperson documents that they and the President lied about your health care, intentionally destroying your insurance coverage and relationship with your physician -- and yet they still sit in their offices drawing paychecks funded with your money, voluntarily handed over, more than four years later?

What does it say about us when we're too damn busy dredging up old bull**** to demand that the foundation of this nation actually mean something? What does it mean when the most-important aspect of our lives is prattering about who's porking who (or who did pork who) instead of why we as a society tolerate grift on a wholesale basis to the point that 40% of our population gets a check that they literally steal from everyone -- including themselves and their children?

Maybe we all deserve what's happening and what's coming. Maybe we deserve the sort of thing that's happening in the Ukraine.

The entirety of Denninger's post is a must-read from top to bottom. It is no doubt one of the most important things you will read this year.

There is a trainwreck coming to America. Without decisive action that trainwreck will probably be one of the worst disasters ever to beset the nation, more destructive than the Civil War, the Great Depression, and the Twin Tower attacks. This event has all the markings of a catastrophic upheaval that will lay to waste not only the Founders' Republic but the lives, fortunes, and future of every single American -- except for those who, like the progressive thug George Soros, bet on the destruction of America.


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