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"Marked Men": Historical narrative poetry that moves hearts

Marked Men by Joseph Hutchison
Book Cover

Greed and fear of what we don’t understand have been known to lead men to do unspeakable acts toward their fellow human beings. Marked Men by Joseph Hutchison is a poetic journey telling the historical saga of the arrival of Europeans on the North American continent and the after effects of their presence for Native American peoples. The powerful language of these narrative poems brings history to life with true poetic craftsmanship, creating new depths and original perspective to historical events that shaped the future of this country.
The saga is presented through three separate events in history, each brutally honest with distinct, skillfully crafted poetry, relating attitudes of the times in which they occurred with vivid detail and historical accuracy: the destruction of an Iroquois village, the Sand Creek Massacre, and the murder of Silas Soule, the one man that refused to participate in that massacre and ordered his men to stand down. Separately, their individual tales are all heart rending stories. Together, these events create a captivating tale of the barbaric measures taken by “civilized” men to drive the Native American Indian out of their native lands that will not fail to move even the hardest of hearts.
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