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Mark your calendar for Denver's Treecycle

Turn that tree into mulch
Turn that tree into mulch

Mark your calendar for Denver's Treecycle. Though we are still in the midst of holiday gatherings, singing and giving, the New Year will be here before we know it.

Denver's Treecycle is a two-week program which allows residents to recycle their real Christmas tree hassle-free. When the holidays are behind us and the noise makers are put away for next year's celebration, grab your Christmas tree and set it near your trash bins for pick up.

Only bare trees will be picked up; be sure to remove all decoration from your tree and set outside before your scheduled pick-up time on the weeks of either January 4, 2010 or January 11, 2010. Please do not place your trees in a dumpster, they will unfortunately not get recycled.

After the trees are collected, they are taken to Denver's Havana Nursery. There, they are ground up and are turned into mulch. The mulch is then taken to one of four satellite sites for pick-up by Denver residents without charge.

According to a correspondent from Denver's Solid Waste Department, the tentative date for mulch pick-up is May 1, 2010. As that date approaches, please check with Denver's Solid Waste Management or call  3-1-1 to ensure the correct time and location.

Each satellite site is placed within one of the four quadrants of the city to ensure free mulch isn't too far away. Each site is a dig-your-own site, which is unstaffed. Be sure to bring a shovel and containers big enough to hold the amount of mulch you desire.

Where the trees were originally transformed into mulch, at the Havana Nursery, located at 10450 Smith Road in Denver, is the fifth location for mulch pick-up. It too, is tentatively scheduled to be open on May 1, 2010. Unlike the satellite sites, the Havana site will be staffed with personnel and equipment to load the mulch for you. There you will also find discounted compost on sale, which is needed in almost every garden here on the Front Range.

Mark your calendar and set yourself an e-reminder. Have your Christmas tree placed near your trash bin before your scheduled waste pick-up during the week of either January 4 or January 11, 2010.


  • Dan 5 years ago

    I don't have an alley behind my house, Marissa, but I am in Denver. Household trash cans are picked up curbside. Should I place the tree curbside with the trashcans for regular weekly pickup, or on the day every other week when the recycling truck comes by? Thanks.

  • Marissa 5 years ago

    Dan - Place the tree curbside with the trashcans, not the recycling bin.