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Mark you calendar for Lina Misitzis on KALW this Sunday at 3 pm

Lina Misitzis, one of the great new American story-tellers
Lina Misitzis, one of the great new American story-tellers
Valeda Stull

Lina Misitzis brings natural ability and experience to the art of story telling. She came to San Francisco from New York where she spent two years working for Saturday Night Live and The Rachel Maddow Show. For those of you who heard her talk about Brooklyn and the thousand love letters she has to that city, you know that Lina Mitsizis is one of the great American narrators with an unusually fine instinct for knowing what is relevant to making a story an easily digestible teaching.

Brooklyn, for example, a city that, in Lina’s hands, comes into view not as a collection of buildings, roads, businesses and people who navigate a geographical district in order to navigate their lives but as a living entity in its own right, organically grown from the needs of the people who call it home. In the realm of story-telling what could be a more charming notion than Brooklyn as your living friend? She is very good.

If you think Lina wove magic and put living breath into Brooklyn, what could seem on the face of it to be a mere city, just think what she will do with this complicated tragic upcoming NPR Snap Judgment story that she and a friend worked on together about a man whose father shot and killed his mother when he himself was just a boy.

She is telling this story at 3 pm Sunday March 30 on NPR’s Snap Judgment (KAWL 91.7 on your San Francisco Bay Area radio dial). Thank you KAWL for this opportunity to hear Lina, whose view is generally unusual, tell a story as she sees it.

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