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Mark Wahlberg Rumored for 'The Six Million Dollar Man' Remake

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

To paraphrase TV's The Six Million Dollar Man, "Hollywood can rebuild old franchises. They have the technology." A big screen take on The Six Million Dollar Man has long been in the works and with some considerable names attached. The last we heard about it was when Bryan Singer was attached to direct with Leonardo DiCaprio eying the lead as cybernetic hero, Steve Austin. Before that it was Kevin Smith who took a stab at the script, eventually turning it into a comic book, while Jim Carrey and Todd Phillips briefly flirted with the film as Universal and Weinstein argued over film rights. But those issues have been settled and now Mark Wahlberg is said to be up for the title role.

The story comes courtesy of The Tracking Board, meaning there are no confirmations on anything just yet, but it's worth noting that Wahlberg has talked about the film before. He even mentioned the remake's new title, The Six Billion Dollar Man, which has been the plan since Singer was on board. Wahlberg's would be reuniting with Lone Survivor's Peter Berg, who is on board to produce and possibly direct if everything comes together.

The Six Million Dollar Man was based on Martin Caidin's novel, Cyborg, and was preceded by three television movies before the Lee Majors-led series debuted in 1974, lasting through 1978 and spawning a popular spinoff, The Bionic Woman. The show centered on Steve Austin (not the wrestler, obviously), a severely injured astronaut whose body is rebuilt with bionic parts by the government so he can become a secret agent.