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Mark Ruffalo blames Ben Affleck for ruining friendship with Jennifer Garner

 Actor Mark Ruffalo attends the 'Begin Again' press conference at Crosby Street Hotel on June 26, 2014 in New York City.
Photo by Stephen Lovekin

Mark Ruffalo recently appeared on "What What Happens Live" with costar Keira Knightly to promote their upcoming film "Begin Again." What got Andy Cohen's attention though, was a viewer question about another leading lady that Ruffalo has worked with previously. According to People on Friday, Mark Ruffalo was asked if he keeps in contact with Jennifer Garner and Ruffalo's answer was surprising.

Mark Ruffalo starred in "13 Going On 30" with former friend Jennifer Garner in 2004. That's right about the time that Garner and Ben Affleck started getting serious. Mark blames Ben Affleck for breaking up his friendship with Jennifer. He said, "We have a great time together. But then Ben came on the scene." Was Ben jealous of Mark's friendship with his future wife?

Ben and Jennifer starred together in the 2003 flop "Daredevil." It wasn't until the middle of 2004 that Affleck and Garner began dating and they were married in 2005. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have three children together, daughters Violet and Seraphina as well as a 2-year old son named Samuel.

It is unclear what may have transpired between Ben and Jennifer as far as having friends of the opposite sex. Is there more to the story and possibly some romantic sparks between Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo? Ruffalo couldn't confirm that there was any point where Affleck said they couldn't be friends. He just said that when Ben came on the scene, things changed. He did say that it was "sad" the two weren't in contact and seemed to really miss his pal.

So what's the deal with Ben and Jennifer then? They seem like one of Hollywood's most solid couples. Is that because of a strict rule on friendships? Or is this just a weird coincidence that happened to hurt the "Hulk" star's feelings? Let us know what you think of having friends of the opposite sex in the comments below.

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