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Mark Rosewater: "We have some plans for Nissa"

Elf fans rejoice - it's not the end for Nissa!

When Funko announced its plans to release planeswalker toys later this year, one character in particular stuck out like a sore thumb in the lineup. Beyond the original five planeswalkers to get cards, there was a sixth, and one we haven't heard from since Zendikar block: Nissa, the arrogant and prejudiced Elf who regretted not trying to work with Sorin when she unsealed the Eldrazi from their hedron prisons.

Besides setting in motion the devastation of an entire plane, we don't know what she ended up doing, which prompted Tumblr user scribonia to ask Mark Rosewater on his blog, "It's a little suspect that Nissa Revane is the only non-Lorwyn 5 to be getting an action figure... so I'm going to assume she's making a Huey appearance, being a 5 year old PW with only one card. If not, was she really THAT popular? She like... blew up Zendikar practically." Mark answered:

I can only say that we have some plans for Nissa.

Nissa cannot be in Journey into Nyx - there's only one planeswalker in it, since it's a small set, and that has to be Ajani - and the toys are being released after the third set in the Theros block anyway. So, "Huey appearance" sounds like the correct theory.

What do you think about Nissa's possible appearance in the next block? Let me know in the comments.

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