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Mark Rosewater: "Squee Lives!"

Much has been made of the homages and references to Magic sets and lore recent and not-so-recent in the cards spoiled in Magic 2015 so far. This year's core set seems to represent a general change in the paradigm for both core (outside designer cards, anyone?) and expansion and supplemental (those new card faces) sets. Mark Rosewater addressed one of the new things Magic 2015 has brought to core - new cards representing old legends - recently on his Tumblr blog, and in the process gave fans of the Weatherlight Saga hope that a certain Goblin cabin boy could return...

When doopboopdoop asked, "Due to how the core set now seems to fit into the modern magic timeline, does this mean we could never see reprints of older legendary cards like Squee?" he said:

Unless something fundamental has changed, I’m pretty sure Squee’s still alive. Ask Doug [Beyer].

The rule for Magic characters' being alive or dead is: "If they're mortal, not enough time has passed for them to die of age, and they didn't die on screen, they're alive." It has, granted, been a long time in the storyline since Squee was last seen, but he's not precisely mortal thanks to Phyrexian alterations (he can return from many forms of conventional death and apparently not age); and he hasn't been perma-killed on screen. As Magic: Expanded Multiverse noted, "I think this is the first acknowledgment we've gotten in a while of Immortal!Squee…Granted, it’s been a while since anyone’s thought much about Immortal!Squee…"

Of course, any character still alive is fair game for a card version. Squee's already been Squee, Goblin Nabob - but that only represents him at one point in his life (having blundered into a position of power in Mercadia) and doesn't have its old combo-enabling luster anymore. A new card for the fan-favorite Goblin could be a crowd-pleasing nostalgia reference that doesn't have the over-the-top "inside joke" nature of many Time Spiral block cards.

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