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Mark Rosewater says Huey block will have "unique block structure"

Hey, what if the whole "Lorwyn was unsuccessful" thing Rosewater is pulling was all an elaborate ruse to throw us off the trail?
Hey, what if the whole "Lorwyn was unsuccessful" thing Rosewater is pulling was all an elaborate ruse to throw us off the trail?
Alex Silady

As is usual during the new year, the Magic rumor community is gearing up for previews of the winter small set - in this case, Born of the Gods. However, in his latest Making Magic article on advanced planning in design, Mark Rosewater has dropped a hint for - not Born of the Gods, beyond Journey into Nyx, not even Magic 2015, but a set we don't even know the real name of yet: The 2014 fall large set, codenamed "Huey" (As in Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie). It's best if he explains it himself:

When I laid out the seven-year plan to Aaron several years before, I had sold Huey on a unique block structure. I explained to them what this block structure was and then I asked them to figure out a block where this structure made sense.

Yes, "unique" - definitely not large-small-large, as that's old hat with both Zendikar and Innistrad blocks having done it, nor large-small-large-small, because Lorwyn/Shadowmoor - "Peanut-Butter-Jelly-Donut" - is in the past. Alternate block structures make design that much more difficult, not to mention Limited; they're not done without very compelling reason, and R&D has gotten burned by them in the past more often than not, so Mark must really believe in what he's doing here.

So what could... that... be? Without knowing what the never-before-done block structure is, it's hard to tell what theme would require it, but there are some likely options:

  • A four-set year, large-small-small-small or large-large-large-large (though the latter seems rather untenable) representing a plane going through the four seasons. Perhaps this could be a return to Lorwyn, hearkening back to both the original block structure shakeup and using a variant of the Aurora, with a change of climate rather than day to night.
  • A symmetrical block - large-small-small-large - perhaps set on the purported plane of Khanar and representing the pendulum of war swinging to favor one side and then the other.
  • An extra-large first set, with a nostalgic epic-high-fantasy feel, calling back to the oversized sets of the early days of Magic.

Got any Huey block theories? Let me know in the comments.

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