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Mark Rosewater promises Commander 2014 announcement

The San Diego Comic-Con Magic event - probably the biggest single day of the year for Magic news and rumors, PAX Prime possibly excepted - is a mere three days away. Now, everyone knows that this'll be the first time we'll hear concrete info about Tarkir block; but it's usually not just the upcoming fall large set that gets announced at SDCC's Magic panel. After all, there's much more to Magic products and rumors than just that. The release right after the fall large expansion should be the yearly Commander supplemental product, of course - but that's something we still, too, know just about nothing about. However, Mark Rosewater knows all about it - and apparently he's going to spill the beans at Comic-Con.

When nicholasthezombieslayer asked him on his Tumblr blog, "Will we be seeing a commander 2014? Around here the format has became very popular and we even have regular Friday night commander games with 4-7 people every Friday. We have all been wondering and hoping. So I guess I'm just looking for a yes or no answer. I still want the sets to be a surprise," Rosewater responded:

No comment. On an unrelated note, I’m about to get on a plane to fly to San Diego to attend Comic-Con where I’ll be running a Magic panel. (Saturday 12-1 in room 25ABC.)

When Mark says stuff like this, it's just his way of saying when he can and will finally announce something. The fact that there will be a Commander release in November was a known quantity all along. However, what we have yet to find out is the color breakdowns of the decks. We've already seen enemy wedge and allied arc triples; perhaps this is finally the year of four-color decks? That's still probably a longshot; more likely is going back to wedges for a second series of those, or else monocolor decks.

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