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Mark Rosewater on Magic board games

Magic has a lot of lore for one game. Twenty years of expansions will do that - not to mention the reams of material, including entire worlds, that have never been part of a main block story, or that have even just been hinted at as Planechase planes or in one-off references in core set cards. So naturally there's a desire to spin some of that story off into side games unrelated to the main Magic canon, and not using Magic cards at all - which has been attempted before, with mixed success. When Mark Rosewater was asked about the prospect on his Tumblr blog recently, he put it up for debate.

When noyourroots asked, "Will there/have there ever been other games in the Magic universe that aren't the card game? Like how D&D has Lords of Waterdeep, will we ever see a Magic board game?" he said:

What would all of you think of a Magic branded board game that isn’t Magic?

Reactions were mixed, leaning positive - tamaness said, "as long as it interacts with magic cards I’m down," and zaheyier said, "Lords of Waterdeep is a great game, and I never played D&D. Board games can show other aspects of Magic franchise that would be not explored otherwise. It needs to be well designed, though." A more concrete idea was provided by darkscoots1, who said "I think it would serve better as an exploration game where players play as planeswalkers and have some sort of dilemma that they’re all trying to solve in order to 'win'. Eldrazi hunt maybe? It could be a great way to give out promotional material."

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