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Mark Rosewater on future Viashino

Not Lizards... so sayeth the bey.

One of Magic's oldest "original" creature races is the Viashino, the stubborn reptilian descendants of Dragons that ruled over Shiv on Dominaria and have cropped up on a small handful of other planes too. The Viashino are popular, as they're generally representative of the smarter side of red (the crocodilian Jund savages excepted). Mark Rosewater fielded a couple of questions on their future chances recently on his Tumblr blog.

When drakoj asked, "Is there a chance that viashino could replace goblins as a more dominant tribal type for red in a future set?" he said.

Maybe for a block but not overall. Goblins are much beloved.

Viashino last appeared in Return to Ravnica, though not in huge numbers, and the last time they could remotely be considered a major tribe was Alara block. Still, any Alara or Ravnica set would feel wrong without them, and we may see them on Tarkir given that plane's apparent biodiversity.

Meanwhile, when kalatash asked, "Is there any talk in R&D or creative about errating all the Viashino to be creature type Lizard, to match up with groups like the Rhox, Leonin, Kitsune, et al?" Mark replied:

There’s probably too much history for us to undo it. If we had to do it all over again, it would be Lizard.

Again, the Viashino biologically are not strictly Lizards, as they are of Dragon blood, but Magic creature types often go by appearance. Still, Viashino fans can rest easy knowing their typelines will be unchanged.

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