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Mark Rosewater clarifies Magic 2015 card formatting changes

Ahh, I think we've reached the teenage rebellion period of core sets.
Ahh, I think we've reached the teenage rebellion period of core sets.

As is well known in the Magic rumor community by now, Magic 2015 is going to be bringing a few aesthetic changes to the overall look of Magic cards - nothing too drastic, certainly less sweeping than what happened in 8th Edition, but changes nevertheless. Naturally, the opinionated rabble - and I say that lovingly, as part of that rabble - of Magic fans bombarded Mark Rosewater's Tumblr blog with questions on the subject.

When misterbunni asked, "Why is the holo sticker only on rares in the new card layout? Sometimes uncommons are sought after. Also will it be on promo cards?" Rosewater responded:

We had to draw the line somewhere and rare and mythic rare felt like the obvious choice.

I do not know the answer to the question about promo cards.

Of course, the authentication sticker is there for anti-counterfeit purposes; and it's hard to imagine any uncommon, even something as strong as Boros Charm and its ilk, being faked.

Looking further down the line, mileswynn asked "Should we expect frame updates every so often in the future, or do you think you nailed it this time?" prompting the response:

History says that we’re never truly done although I think it is something we try to do very infrequently.

Considering the costs in money and time of both coming up with a new layout and submitting that to the printing company, the Magic 2015 frame seems to be good for many, many years.

One specific addition of note was never on the list for frame changes - when quincognito asked "did you consider adding a type indicator like was present on the Future Sight frames? I feel like it would help a lot in making the table more legible at a glance," Rosewater said:

Our goal was to change as little as possible so no we didn’t consider it.

Moving away from the ballyhoo about the frames, one never-before-seen addition will be designer credits on certain cards - fewer than we'd think, according to Mark. When csick3108 asked, "What are your thoughts on designer credits?" Rosewater wrote:

When we announce the details on designer credits you will see they are much more limited than people are thinking. For example, I have zero designer credits.

The one credit thus far known is on the result of YMTC4, so it's possible that R&D members won't actually get credits - but who might merit them? Invitational players in a revival of that famous tournament of years past? One might dream.

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