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Mark Pryor, the Arkansas PajamaBoy

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An attempt to save over $6 billion in pensions for veterans & stop illegal aliens from collecting IRS tax rebates was attempted by conservatives in the United States Senate. Senator Jeff Sessions attempted to amend the budget deal recently passed by the House by removing a section of IRS regulations that allow illegal aliens to collect tax funds using a tax ID #. The regulation is a child tax credit, but is filled with fraud and abuse. This is one of many examples of forced “charity” by the government that the media has ignored. Over $4.2 billion refundable credits were given to illegal aliens in 2010. The Sessions amendment could have stopped $7 billion dollars that reward illegal alien behavior and be used to help veterans.

Sadly, the amendment failed. Only 45 Republicans and 1 Democrat voted for the amendment, while 54 United States Senators voted to cut benefits to veterans and against real immigration reform. Senator John Boozman of Arkansas chose veterans over illegal aliens, while Senator Mark Pryor sided with the Obama/Harry Reid agenda. Pryor goes to military events as most politicians do, but his votes in the Senate are what really matter. Mark Pryor has “embraced the suck” as Nancy Pelosi suggested and has obeyed the Obama agenda as well as PajamaBoy, John Jonestown Podesta, & other recent progressive activist. A link to the roll call on the sessions amendment should be here: Thomas Library Jeff Sessions.

If a democrat files against Mark Pryor, there will be chance to remove him from office in the Arkansas Primary Elections of 2014. Otherwise, Arkansas voters will have to wait until November of 2014 to vote out Mark Pryor & other Obamacare supporters.


The Win-Rock immigration report and other liberal “studies” designed to make illegal aliens look like a benefit to the US, leave out issues like the IRS giving illegal aliens tax rebates. Here is video of this act of corruption that has been going on for years is below.


This story starts with illegal alien smuggling between Texas & Virginia. Arkansas is often a corridor for illegal alien smuggling from Texas.