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Mark of the Beast Quickly Emerging

The Bible says that in the end days the Antichrist will cause all people rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead. So that no man can buy and sell except those who has the mark of the beast or the number of his name. So is that mark here now?

Many Christians believe that mark of the beast is the RFID Verichip that will soon be used to replace money. It will be the new monetary system of the one world government. Paper money and coins will become obsolete. This mark or chip will be placed under the skin and is about the size of a grain of rice. It will be thought of by many as beneficial because it will solve so many problems like credit card theft, and it will even be thought to be beneficial to your health. At this time this chip is being developed for many different uses and is even being used to some degree. But in the very near future, all people will be required to receive this mark which will soon be a requirement for Obamacare.

Remember that all US citizens have until March 31st to sign up for health care through Obamacare. Those who don’t sign up will receive a stiff penalty. Recently 1.1 trillion was approved to raise the US debt ceiling. Much of this money will go to fund the new Obamacare health care program. More money is needed even though the recipients are required to make their own health care payments, which many people claim they cannot afford. So what is this extra money needed for? It is no doubt needed to pay for the many chip implants that will be used as part of the medical program required in this Obamacare bill.

Late last year, all medical offices were required to change over to electronic records. This was in preparation for the chip implant. Once the medical records become digital all of your health information can be put on a chip which will soon be transplanted under the skin of the individual. So the medical offices are now ready for the chip implants.

The microchips themselves have been ready for some time. They have been tested on and marketed to dogs and their owners as a way to keep their dogs safe. Several states have already been using these chips in the form of bracelets on inmates and on new borns in the hospitals for tracking purposes. Disney land just came out with a chip bracelet that would be used for guests in their hotels to unlock doors and so forth.

The makers of Verchip and Google have been coming up with new ideas for the use of these microchips and are testing them now. They have thought about putting nanochips in soldiers to monitor their health on the battle field. They have even come up with the idea to give microchips to welfare recipients as a requirement for food. These ideas have not manifested yet until they are sold to the public and approved as something that is beneficial to them.

In fact, scientists have been working hard recently to make microchips good for your health. They are currently testing a microchip that when placed in the arm of obese person, it will help them to lose weight. The microchip checks for fat in the blood and when they have eaten too much, the microchip releases a hormone that states hunger.

Another chip currently being tested is for diabetes patients. The chip is placed on a contact lens and will measure the glucose level in tears. It does readings every second and prevents the patient from having to prick their finger several times a day. So as we can see the technology is here, but now it has to be sold to the public as a benefit which is clearly happening now. And as the microchip becomes more and more beneficial and heavily marketed, the public will begin to realize this is something they cannot live without.

The mark of the beast is right around the corner and soon all citizens will be required to have it. A time is coming where no person can buy or sell without this chip. But the Bible also warns that those who take the mark of the beast will be condemned to hell forever, because those who accept this mark belong to Satan. The Bible also says that those who refuse the mark will be beheaded. This happens during the tribulation hour that comes upon the entire earth. But the good news is that Jesus is coming to get his bride, the people who love him, follow him and believe in him with all their heart, before the tribulation hour begins. He promised to spare those from the hour of trial who have washed their garments cleaned, those who have asked him into their heart and choose to follow him wholeheartedly. Get your heart ready for Jesus today. Ask him to forgive you of your sins and follow him. He will save you from the hour of trial, from the horrors of the Antichrist and from the wrath of God. Get ready because before this chip is mandatory, the bride will be taken up. Time is short and Jesus is coming soon! Don't miss out for your redemption draws near!

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