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Mark Jones of Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q, a life dedicated to good bbq

Marci and Mark Jones operate Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q in Everman TX
Marci and Mark Jones operate Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q in Everman TX
Veronica Hobson

Mark Jones’s life is all about providing good barbecue. He owns Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q in Everman, TX where he has dedicated the last 34 years to cooking good food for his loyal customers.

Young life
Mark started working at the Hickory Stick when it opened in 1976. He was 14 years old. He has worked there ever since. It’s the only job he has ever had and he has been very faithful in carrying out that job.

Working life
In the first 20 years of Hickory Stick’s operation, Mark missed only 11 days. That’s less than half a day per year. His streak ended last year, however, when he had to miss 3 weeks because of hip replacement surgery. So why is Mark so determined to work for the success of this restaurant?

Family life
Mark’s father, Johnny Jones, started the Hickory Stick back in 1976. Mark now runs the restaurant with his wife, Marci. His 80 year old mother bakes all the desserts for the restaurant. So, when Mark goes to work, it isn’t just about providing a good meal for customers who have eaten at his restaurant for years, although that is part of the reason. It is also about carrying on the tradition started by his late father. It’s about working every day alongside his wife. It’s about continuing to appreciate the contribution his mother has made to the success of the family business. Mark continues to go to work at the Hickory Stick every day because it’s all about family, the family that works there and the families that eat there.


  • I know the place 5 years ago

    Great Great BBQ! I grew up in Everman and eating at, or more often taking out, Hickory Stick BBQ was an every couple of weeks kinda deal. Try the smoked chicken legs! He uses his rib dry rub on 'em. They have a great flavor! And the sides are good too!

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