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Mark Hildreth lands captivating lead in ABC's 'Resurrection' part two

Mark Hildreth of 'Resurrection'
Mark Hildreth of 'Resurrection'
Marc Labrie


ABC’s premiere of the highly anticipated new series ‘Resurrection’ is all the buzz and one of its stars, Mark Hildreth, took time out of his busy schedule to chat about his new role in the show. The time is right for a show like this. This talented young actor shared how he prepared to play this amazing character of "Pastor Tom Hale" as well as his passion for music with his project ‘Signs Of Life.’ Also enjoy a smile from the memories he shared about his time on ‘Voltron Force.’ No doubt Hildreth will prove this star power when ‘Resurrection’ premieres Sun Mar 9 at 9|8c.

Q. Last time we chatted you shared about your very personal experience with your album ‘Signs of Life.’ Do you have any other music projects in your future?

A. ‘Resurrection’ and my latest album ‘Signs Of Life’ have something in common - at their core, they're both all about family. Music is so personal to me; it's one of the most important things in my life. When I recorded ‘Signs Of Life,’ I was going through a period of losing and gaining loved ones. Deaths, births and big changes were happening in my life. It's also an album that I sung a lot on, and played a lot of the instruments. It is my best homage to my musical muse Stevie Wonder. I'm currently irking on a new album, my third, along with a ton of other musical projects. Both my records are available on iTunes!

Q. Can you share anything about your experience making ‘Voltron Force?’

A. Blast from the past!! Voltron Force was a lot of fun to make, especially because I was working with a lot of friends like Giles Panton, Andrew Francis and director Terry Klausen. Some of these guys are folks I've been working with forever in Vancouver Canada doing voice-over. But I didn't have a whole heck of a lot to do in ‘Voltron’: they took it easy on me! You might want to ask about another anime character I played though - Heero in ‘Gundam Wing.’ That was a challenge! 50 hours in a studio all by myself bring to life a character who, let’s just say, isn't exactly the most CHEERFUL guy in the world!

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