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Mark Hildreth lands captivating lead in ABC's 'Resurrection' part one

Mark Hildreth of 'Resurrection'
Mark Hildreth of 'Resurrection'
Marc Labrie

The premiere of ABC’s highly anticipated new series ‘Resurrection’ is around the corner and one of its stars, Mark Hildreth, took time out of his busy schedule to chat about his new role in the show. The time is right for a show like this. This talented young actor shared some amazing stories about his time on the set as well as his passion for his music. Hildreth will be starring as "Pastor Tom Hale" alongside well known actors, Omar Epps, Frances Fisher and Samaire Armstrong. There has been quite the buzz around this new project produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. No doubt Hildreth will prove this star power when ‘Resurrection’ premieres Sun Mar 9 at 9|8c.

Q. The last time we chatted I was promoting your role in ‘End of the World.’ On to a more serious project, ‘Resurrection’ is sure to be a big hit. What can you share about your experiences on the set with the cast and crew?

A. Haha, yeah last time we talked we were laughing about the legitimacy of being vaporized by giant plasma balls from outer space. My new project, ‘Resurrection’, couldn't be more different! ‘Resurrection’ is an hour-long prime time drama series on ABC that has its world premiere March 9. It's a drama with a sci-fi element, kind of like ‘Lost’ had, but it's really a drama through and through. It's begins when a young boy suddenly reappears to his parents 32 years after having drowned, exactly the way he was when he died (even wearing the same baseball jersey).The whole town must react to this event, and I play the town's local Pastor. Jacob, the little boy, was my character's best friend when he was 8, and in the interim, Tom has become a pastor; preaching the miracles of God. Then, when Jacob returns and Tom is face to face with a real miracle, he has a hard time believing it could be true. This sends Tom into a crisis of faith and he must discover who he is all over again.

Q. Who is Pastor Tom Hale? How to do think the audience will react to his character?

A. Tom, like everyone, is looking for meaning in his life. When Jacob, his long-dead childhood friend returns to him, it makes Tom question everything he believes. Tom is a man of faith, he believes in a higher power and that there is more to this world than one can see with the naked eye. But he is, like all people religious or non-religious, a human being with human shortcomings, and a very human struggle. That is the level I connected with Tom on the most. Here's a guy who loses his best friend at age 8, becomes a Pastor, and is preaching the miracles of God for a decade. Suddenly, when Jacob returns and Tom comes face to face with a real miracle, he has trouble believing it's true. I was very sensitive about representing Tom's religious faith in a way that was respectful and accurate. I spent many hours in the homes of Christian pastors in Atlanta, playing golf together, discussing and questioning the nature of belief and the deeply personal meaning of faith. I felt uniquely qualified to play Tom because I don't personally subscribe to any particular religious faith. I find meaning and truth in many different perspectives, religious and non-religious. ‘Resurrection’ is really not about the dead or what happens in the afterlife. It is really about what it means to be human, and to struggle with the ethical and moral questions that life throws at you. Jacob becomes the foil for each character's deepest fears and greatest joys. And because of Tom's vocation, he is able to emerge as a leader for his ruptured community. But through this, he still has to personally struggle with his own demons and find his own answers to the questions. No matter our religious or spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof), in times of crisis we must all learn to come together as a human team and struggle through it together.


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