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Mark Dayton's Katrina moment

When Mark Dayton signed MNsure into law, he made sure it was marked as a triumphant moment. Based on one thing he said, it might pave the path to his defeat. Here's what he said:

April, working with you, your staff are just doing a superb job.

Doesn't that remind you of this awkward moment?

Let's backtrack and refresh people's memory of who April Todd-Malmlov is. She's the woman at the center of last fall's MNsure meltdown, which was the biggest news story of 2013.

Ms. Todd-Malmlov was the first CEO of MNsure. While MNsure was experiencing multiple security problems, not to mention system crashes and lengthy wait times for people attempting to manually apply for insurance, Ms. Todd-Malmlov took a 2 week vacation in Costa Rica.

The question for voters to answer is whether they want to vote for Mark Dayton. Why would anyone vote for a governor who thinks that a woman who takes a 2-week vacation while her department is melting down while facing multiple crises?

That isn't the only strike against. Ms. Todd-Malmlov, either. According to veteran WCCO reporter Pat Kessler, MNsure employees were lying to him:

Suddenly, and it was very odd to me, suddenly around December first, second, third, right around that time right after Thanksgiving, we suddenly at WCCO, were flooded, inundated with literally hundreds of people calling, saying “I can’t get on. This is crazy.” And I’ll just say it, I think they lied to us. I think they misled us. I think they misdirected, they camoflaged. They said “No there’s no problems, when, in fact, behind the scenes, they were sweating bullets because they couldn’t fix the problems. I think that this is one of the most closed, obtuse, misdirecting, camoflaging agencies I have ever dealt with.

While the calls were flooding WCCO at the start of December, 2013, the problems were happening while Ms. Todd-Malmlov was getting a tan in Costa Rica.

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