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Mark Dayton Examined - (2010 Election Series)

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Dayton
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Dayton
AP Photo/Jim Mone

I will be reviewing all candidates for the 2010 Election in the areas of job creation, education, election reform, and immigration. These are issues that are very important to me and my family; I encourage my readers to pick those areas that are important to them so that they can make an informed choice that is right for Minnesota.

Mark Dayton is the first of the 6 candidates I will be examining. I began my search for information on and then branched out into other sources.  Here is what I found:

Job Creation
After reviewing the content on and other sources, I have a good understanding of what the candidate would like to do to help put Minnesotans back to work.

On the campaign website, Dayton says:

"As Commissioner, I helped design and then implemented the MN Economic Development Authority, The Minnesota Fund, the legislature’s “Enterprise Zones” and the Star City program. They helped bring thousands of new jobs, with good wages and benefits, to unemployed workers throughout Minnesota.
As Governor, I will use a state stimulus package, bonding for more highway and mass transit projects, and innovative economic growth initiatives to create new jobs throughout our state. I will travel throughout our state, nation, and world, asking businesses what they need to locate or expand in Minnesota."
(, 2010)

The candidate intends to attack job creation with a 10 point initiative to put Minnesotans back to work.
1. Pass a 2011 “Jobs Now” Bonding Bill
2. Green Jobs and Energy Savings Fund
3. Issue Federally Backed Highway Construction
4. Create a New State-Local Economic Development Partnership
5. Increase State Tourism Advertising and Promotion
6. Grow Minnesota Small Business
7. Invest in Women, Minority, and Veteran Owned Businesses
8. High Speed Internet and Cell Phone Coverage Boarder to Boarder
9. Streamline Business Regulation and Eliminate Redundant Paperwork
10. Excellence in Education

More detail can be found at

Dayton believes that we should increase teacher salaries given that the average salary is 3.3% below the national average. The need to attract or retain good teachers requires the ability to offer competitive salaries.

He cites a need to lower class sizes and fully fund all-day kindergarten. He believes that analyzing the needs of the individual child and then addressing them is more important than emphasizing test scores. By helping the individual child succeed, their scores will naturally improve.

Dayton believes we should also cut back on tuition increases to help keep higher education within reach of Minnesota families.

Election Reform
At the time of this writing, there was no information available on regarding election reform. When searching for sources of information regarding Mr. Dayton’s stance on election reform, very little surfaced. I was unable to find credible sources that fairly depicted his record or opinion on the issue.

Immigration Reform
At the time of this writing, there was no information available on regarding immigration reform.

Given these areas and the information summarized, one is able to gain a better understanding of this first of three Democratic candidates. Be sure to check back often for updates and additions to this candidates profile.

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  • Geena 5 years ago

    Good factual article. Could use more information on Dayton. I can't wait for the others. This is what today's media is lacking. Just the facts ma'am.

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