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Mark Creech: Obama the Antichrist will cause God to destroy America

Mark Creech
Mark Creech
Christian Action League

On March 17, 2014, Mark Creech, the same man who came to this column's attention for comparing homosexuals to people who think they are squirrels, released a column to the Christian Post insisting that President Obama is the Antichrist, and that America is tempting God to destroy it the same way He destroyed the Tower of Babel.

"Many Bible scholars believe this very type situation will repeat itself in the last days – the day before Christ's return," Creech writes. "A strong man will rise up, commonly believed to be the anti-Christ. He will unite the world in a cultural, political, and religious federation. As in Babel, the end will reflect a world determined to be rid of God."

Creech goes on to insist, not only that the same thing is happening in America today, but that Obama is the Antichrist and that he is daring God to destroy America.

"A popular leader rises who is given almost god-like, messianic qualities by the media and others – one who single-handedly seeks to concentrate power – one the Christian Left and proponents of the erroneous doctrine of social justice treat as an anointed one," Creech writes.

"Our culture has largely abandoned trust in God for the opiate of government provision and hope, while endorsing via legalization abominable acts that God condemns.

"Fair warning, America! Look to Babel. This can't end well."

Just another flailing temper tantrum by a member of the American Taliban because that whole equality thing hasn't been completely eliminated, in other words.

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