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Mark Battles reveals another mixtape will soon be released

Mark Battles announces plans to release a follow-up mixtape to "Black Einstein"
Mark Battles announces plans to release a follow-up mixtape to "Black Einstein"
Hot New Hip Hop/ Used with permission

Still enjoying continuing success from his last project, "Black Einstein," Mark Battles has decided to strike while the iron is still hot.

Battles is an Indiana-native rapper and producer, as well as founder and CEO of his own record label, Fly America. He's gained significant hip-hop clout since having success on MTVu in 2012 with the single titled "Last Night." "Broken Silence," a mixtape wherein he and rapper King Los collaborated, also helped him make great headway; enough to have it covered by Vibe magazine, among other publications.

Recently, Battles has been promoting his latest release, "Black Einstein," a mixtape that was quite successful and went viral. "Black Einstein" contains features from Curren$y, French Montana, Joe Budden, Wale and more. Not only has Battles collaborated with rap's big names, but lately, while promoting the latest project on tour, he's performed with them. Some of the acts he's recently shared the stage with include Dizzy Wright, Kid Ink, Derek Luh and the aforementioned King Los.

The latest mixtape, along with the tour, has pleased Battles' old fans and helped him gain many new fans. Part of the popularity gain is also because of Mark being a personable, fan-friendly artist. Since the 23-year-old is appreciative of his fans and sees that he is the "it rapper" on the indie scene, he makes a strikingly smart move with his decision to announce an upcoming project, which enables him to give the fans more music while staying relevant.

The news of the next project came via the rapper's Twitter account April 21 around 6:30 p.m. when he posted a status reading, "New mixtape in June[.]" Though Battles confirms there will be another mixtape release scheduled for June 2014, he didn't pair it with a working title, nor did he mention any track listing or featured artist. Either way, it's likely it will please fans and be yet another release that goes viral.