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Marital stress may be associated with depression

A married couple
A married couple

Although many men and women feel marriage is a good idea to help nurture more fulfilling lives, there can nevertheless be serious emotional costs from marriages that aren't working well. Marital stress may be linked to depression reported the University of Wisconsin on April 25, 2014. According to a recent study by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and their colleagues, marital stress may make people more vulnerable to depression.

Research has shown that people who experience chronic marital stress are often not able to enjoy positive experiences, which is a hallmark of depression. These people are also more likely to report experiencing other depressive symptoms. Many studies show that married people are in general happier and healthier than single people. However, clearly marriage can also be a significant source of long-lasting social stress.

In fact the researchers think chronic marital stress may provide a good model for how other common daily stressors may lead to depression and similar emotional problems. This study has been published in the April 2014 issue of the journal Psychophysiology. The researchers have concluded marital stress is associated with a higher incidence of mental health problems, in particular major depression.

This research shows that taking for granted marriage will offer positive support for your life is a mistake. You must work on a marriage to make it work well. If each person in a marriage wants the marriage to work they must take the time to communicate well with each other and to spend quality time with each other. They must also be patient with each other sexually. Consensual sex is not always perfect but with patience can be very fulfilling. Shared responsibilities for any kids in a marriage is also very important.

Failing to take the time to try to help nurture a marriage by either partner is irresponsible. The stressors associated with a bad marriage could lead to painful and costly episodes of depression and other mental health problems. Therefore if there are irreconcilable differences between marital partners than divorce may in fact be the healthiest alternative.