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Marissa Mayer announce more Yahoo changes at the CES

Marissa Mayer and Katie couric at the CES
Marissa Mayer and Katie couric at the CES
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Since taking over as Yahoo's President and CEO, a year and half ago, Marissa Mayer has been on a mission to make Yahoo back into the web hub that it once was in the 1990's. She has been attempting do this through acquisitions, such as tumblr, and internal changes, such as, the new logo. When she gave a keynote speech at the CES (consumer electronic show) Ms. Mayer announced that those changes and acquisitions were still continuing.

At a little after 1 pm (PST) Gary Shapiro, president of CEA, introduced Ms. Mayer where she promptly talked about how that the increase in mobile use of Yahoo has lead to their latest acquisition of Aviate. Aviate is an intelligent mobile screen organizer app that can turn any android-based into a personal assistant that keeps the information you need at your fingertips wherever you travel. When Aviate's homescreen is activated it keeps all of your apps and information categorized, such as, social meadia, production, restaurants and day time. Once you are press the category you need all of the apps and information you need is right at your fingertips with no need for search through your device.

"Imagine if your phone can deliver the right experience to you at the right time instead of you having to search for it," Mayer said. "What if your phone suggested music and map apps when you got in your car or fitness apps when you got into the gym?"

Next, Ms. Mayer introduced news personality Katie Couric who recently joined Yahoo to help them revamp the way they delivery their media content. Ms. Couric will be bringing her 36 years of journalism, including a 16 year stint on NBC's Today show, to Yahoo as their global anchor.