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Marissa Devault-Dale Harrell: Hammer death trial timeline

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CBS News is reporting today that prosecutors in Arizona are seeking the death penalty against a woman who bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer. Court records show that Marissa DeVault, 33, was arrested for the murder of her husband Dale Harrell in 2009. Dale Harrell, 34, was struck with the hammer several times as he slept in his bed. Marissa DeVault is currently on trial in an Arizona courtroom.

A brief timeline in the death of Dale Harrell



Marissa DeVault and her husband Dale Harrell have a volatile marriage. The couple often engages in screaming matches and physical fights in their Phoenix home in front of the couple's children.

Marissa DeVault tells police that she assaulted her husband with a hammer in self-defense because she was tired of years of abuse.

Police are dispatched to the 2100 block of Maplewood Street, where they find Dale Harrell in bed lying in a pool of blood. He dies at an area hospital days later.

Marissa DeVault is found in a field the day with a broken jaw after her husband dies of his injuries in a local hospital. She claims that she was assaulted while jogging near her home.


A police investigation reveals that Marissa DeVault is having an affair with another man, and that she killed her husband for financial gain.

Marissa S. DeVault is arrested and charged with the murder of Dale Harrell.


Another man confesses to the murder of Dale Harrell but police don't believe his story, according to the Phoenix New Times.

Family members of Dale Harrell file a wrongful death suit.



Marissa S. DeVault is on trial for the murder of Dale Harrell. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty, according to Fox Phoenix.

Today's update:


A jury find Marissa Devault guilty of first-degree murder.



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