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Mariska Hargitay celebrates fabulous 50th birthday with gluten-free cake

 Actresses Mariska Hargitay (L) and Hilary Swank attend the ceremony honoring Mariska Hargitay.
Actresses Mariska Hargitay (L) and Hilary Swank attend the ceremony honoring Mariska Hargitay.
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Fit, fabulous and 50: Happy birthday, Mariska Hargitay. The "Law & Order: SVU" star celebrated her big day in true diet dedication style with a gluten-free cake, reported People magazine.

She was so delighted with the wheat-free wonder that Mariska even tweeted out a photo with the announcement "Gluten-free birthday cake," resulting in congratulations from fans and friends.

Our tip on that gluten-free birthday cake: You don't have to be a superstar to indulge in one. We've tried some of the gluten-free cake mixes out there. Our favorite: Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake Mix (click for more information).

Mariska has gone gluten-free, according to TNGG, because she joins Gwyneth Paltrow in being a fan of Dr. Alejandro Junger. He's famed for his holistic "Clean" diet plan, which involves going gluten-free and going on regular detox diets.

Dr. Junger contends that gluten is bad for your waistline, your complexion and overall health. It's all documented in his books "Clean Gut: The Breakthrough Plan for Eliminating the Root Cause of Disease and Revolutionizing Your Health" and "Clean -- Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself" (click for details).

As for her tips for helping her fans get fit and fabulous at 50 or any age? In an interview with Quick and Simple, she said that she's a believer in the power of a “killer salad. I’m not scared of a big salad with the darkest, greenest, freshest vegetables in the market.”

And rather than traditional salad dressing, Mariska adds a shot of Bragg Liquid Aminos — a protein concentrate made from soybeans — to her salad dressing. It's free of preservatives as well, and sold in health food stores as well as online. It's also good on cooked vegetables, fish, rice and chicken. Find out more about Bragg Liquid Amino by clicking here.

For exercise, she goes for variety:Stretching, lunges, push-ups, resistance training and swimming.

“Swimming reminds me of being in the womb,” she says. “You hear your breathing and it’s completely relaxing.”

At 50, Mariska makes growing older look great. She emphasizes that she takes pride in her curves and "mom body."

"I don't think women should label themselves based on the way they look," the actress told Ladies Home Journal.

"What about defining yourself by a different kind of measurement? What about your heart, your soul, your compassion, your generosity, your strength, and your power? There are so many other things to focus on besides your waistline."

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