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Marion County woman arrested for shooting cat because it 'got into her garbage'

Wilemon allegedly shot and killed a neighbor's cat twice using a pellet gun.
Wilemon allegedly shot and killed a neighbor's cat twice using a pellet gun.
Marion County Sheriff's Office

The Marion County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Sherry Wilemon on Monday and charged her with aggravated animal cruelty for shooting a neighbor's cat reported

A witness told authorities Wilemon, 66, was hiding behind a tree when she used a pellet rifle to shoot the cat two times. The woman then walked away as the cat writhed in agony in the driveway until it died.

Wilemon allegedly shot the cat because it "got into her garbage."

Responsible cat owners should not let their cats roam outside, and there are many reasons. Cats can contract several highly contagious and incurable diseases, including Feline AIDS. Thieves steal cats and sell them to laboratories for inhumane experiments, or to dog fighting culprits, who throw the cats into the ring as practice for honing up the dogs' killer skills.

Intolerant neighbors and evil teenagers poison cats, set them on fire, torture them, or drown them. And cats too often get hit by cars.

It is not inhumane to keep cats indoors. With interesting toys, catnip, windowsills for cat viewing, and special strollers and cat friendly porches and screens, owners can provide the family cat with hours of mental and emotional stimulation.

Click here for more suggestions from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to keep Fluffy happy.

Wilemon's son allegedly buried the cat in the backyard.

Wilemon was taken to jail.

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